A review of the book or film

Review – is a small text or writing set that describes and evaluates the literary work.

The task of the reviewer is an objective assessment of the work, so all its advantages and disadvantages, which explains the high demands to the author of review.

Reviewing of different writing subjects is made by different people. Review of the film is made by film critic. Review article is made by research supervisor. Authors review the book. These reviews have different rules for writing.

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General guidelines for writing the reviews

First of all, you need to make a clear plan of writing a review.  You will follow it in the process of writing.

Example of review plan:

  • Small bibliographic description of the work and a brief retelling of the story.
  • The response of the reviewer on the work itself.
  • Criticism or product analysis.

What is analyzed by reviewer?

  • The meaning of the name.
  • Analysis of form and content.
  • The skill of the author and his way of presenting the basic idea.
  • Description of individual style of the writer.
  • Evaluation of the product and thinking of the author’s review on the product: the basic idea of  the review.
  • The relevance of the work.

How to make a good classification essay about movies

  • To create a qualitative review it is necessary to consider the quality of writing of artwork and mention the plot originality.
  • All review must be written in the same tone – it can be: funny, didactic or informative.
  • In the review you have to allocate all author mistakes which he had made in his work.
  • In the review, it is desirable to express all feelings experienced by reviewer when reading or viewing the work.
  • Please express all your thoughts in detail and substantially as possible.

How to write an essay about a book

To write an essay of a book in high quality you need to read a lot to make comparisons.

You need to start writing a review on the book with name, because the title is a face of any article. Then proceed to a brief description of the main characters and events from the book. Try to highlight each character by name, so that the reader would be able to understand who they are.

After describing the events and characters, begin to disclose the basic idea of ??the work (what does the author want to say? What are the problems? What does he want to teach?) and evaluate the product from your point of view.

Movie review


In the first place, the title should interest the reader. Think about interesting title, if you do not have so much fantasy, you can rephrase the brightest quote from a movie or something like that. It would be very nice if you put in title the essence of the film in a nutshell.


After the interesting title, you have to write more interesting text, that a reader couldn’t stop after reading the first two sentences of your “masterpiece”. 4-5 sentences would be sufficient to introduce, there you have to put a few common phrases of the movie, so how would you do it, advising it to your friends.

A short story

The plot must be described as briefly as possible, not revealing main events and turns to readers that occur in the film. Never write about the end since then you will be cursed by all your readers. But if the movie is bad, you can tell the plot a little, so that the reader shouldn’t spend his time watching this movie.

Essay on freedom writers movie

In this part, write the professionalism of the team that was filming a movie. Note acting, operators and directors. Highlight strong and weak moments in the movie.

Your impressions from movie

Your personal opinion about the film must match the above text. Be objective and adequate.


In conclusion, write the brief summary of written text. Assess the movie and select audience, which will like this film.

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