The Research Proposal

Let us briefly consider the main types of research proposal.

Scientific report

Official form of summarizing the results of scientific work. It is performed in the form of a detailed description of the prerequisites, objectives, methodology, content, progress and results of the search operation. It contains the following sections: description of the authors staff; justification of the relevance of topic and issue; objectives of the study; analytical review of the literature; analysis of current practice; theoretical basis of the work; research methodology, its main stages and their content; characteristics of the results; conclusions and recommendations; bibliography of used papers and publications on the subject of research; applications. Style of presentation – is business, strict style.

The report or the message

It is presented in writing, but designed for the reading aloud of research essence and presentation of its conclusions. Here there is a lively conversational style of presentation. As a rule, reports and messages are not published. Only theses are published – summary of the main ideas of the report or message.


It usually contains introductory remarks about significance of topic, research problems, brief information about the methods of work, analysis and generalization of its results, conclusions and recommendations.


Review – is a critical examination of one or more (general review) works in the claims submitted mandatory to the referee. The review may include advices and constructive suggestions about ways of development of discussed problems.

Brochure (up to 4 printed pages) and a monograph (4 or more printed pages)

A more or less detailed and consistent review of a problem, including the disclosure of its importance, development history, presentation of the results, conclusions and recommendations.


It is a summary of current scientific data and more comprehensive – practical advices in any area, research techniques or practices, recommended procedures that primarily help in the practical use of specific methods and technologies.

The more complex and relevant research, the more difficult the problem is formulated in the form.

In the student’s course work the problem of research can be formulated as a question.

In scientific research of dissertation research problem can be formulated in the form of withdrawal of contradictions, theoretical or practical task, a situation of problem.

In general, the methodological apparatus of any research includes extension and the formulation of its problem. Any student can order research papers online no plagiarism to get qualitative work for the best price. And in the course student’s work, and in the final qualification work, and in the analytical study of the teacher and in doctoral dissertation of scientist, the problem of the study is presented as the justification and the need for research in general.

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