Personal Statement to the CV profile

Some universities in addition to the main documents require students to write a CV for admission to university. It is not difficult to do it, the main thing is to stick to actions of certain algorithm.

You will need:

  • Personal data
  • Information about parents
  • Interests
  • Future projects
  • Scientific work

Personal data

Sometimes during the entrance to university the entrants see in the list of standard documents that they also have to write a CV, and it scares them. But there is nothing scary in it, writing a personal statement is rather easy, you just need to follow a few rules. You should start writing a CV with personal data, namely the full name, year and place of birth. If it is necessary, you can describe why place of your birth is remarkable, perhaps, it has an interesting history.

Information about parents

In the next step you need to write a few words about your parents, where do they work, they may have some rewards or participated in the particular historic event. Perhaps entrance to university on the specialty due is associated with a fact that parents have rewards in this area, and it is a kind of tribute.


In personal statement essay for college, you have to write about your interests, about hobby, it would be nice to have rewards and certificates in this field. You can also describe your volunteer activity, of course if you it, it is useful to make pictures as evidence.

Future projects

Each university will be happy to take a self-motivated student, so it is important in your CV to describe the plans after graduation. If you have some ideas and achievements, it is useful to mention them.

Scientific work

In CV, for admission to the university you should definitely mention your scientific papers, especially if they are related to your future profession as such a student in the future may become the pride of the university. You just need to mention the name of supervisor, and to give his contacts as possible. Resume for university should be informative and interesting, then the chances to become a student will be much higher.

A separate item is academic CV – it is an integral part of documents for admission to the master’s degree or graduate school.

Its main task is the brief description of the key achievements of the applicant in his chosen field. It is important to understand that academic personal statement essay ideas are not a summary of biographical data, but rather those stages of development that make the applicant a desirable student of the university. Volume of CV should not exceed 2 pages, even if the applicant is an extremely successful candidate.

So, CV writing is an essential document required for admission to a particular university, and you cope with that without problems.

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