Cover Letter

Cover letter – is a small text (less than half of A4 paper), which is sent by applicant, together with a resume by email. As a rule, the letter is not sent by separate attached file and is an email topic. If you send a resume through the job-portal, there is usually a blank for letter.

The candidate must briefly tell about himself, his experience and professional skills, and explain why he wants to work in the company, where he sends the resume.

Who should write a cover letter to the employer?

In general, everybody should write a cover letter to the CV.

But its presence is particularly important in three cases:

If a student sends a resume or a graduate without experience

As a rule, such applicants can’t boast with something special, so the letter – is a great way to show your desire to work and gain experience, to tell more about yourself than a resume allows;

If the applicant changes the sphere of activities and sends a resume to the position for which he obviously does not have enough experience

In this case, the letter – is the opportunity to show his motivation, to tell why you want to change the sphere and what experience / knowledge you already have to work in a new profession.

If the person applies for the particular position in a large international company

In such companies, employers pay attention to how a candidate presents himself. If you are not sure that you can follow all the rules in writing, you can use cover letter writing service.

Significance and mane features of cover letters

There is no standard sample of cover letter, but you can see their examples in the Internet. What to write in a cover letter? The main thing is to answer three basic questions. The first – who are you? Second – why does the company need you? And third – why do you need this company?

In perfect cover letter, you have to show your interest, activity, and willingness to work in the company.

What makes a good cover letter?


The cover letter should be literate and short. The volume of letter should not exceed half a page. The letter must contain clearly and concisely formulated your best qualities and what you can offer the company.

A bit of personal

In the cover letter tell not only about your best professional qualities, but also the strongest personal traits – activity, result orientation, earning capacity. It will complement a positive impression about you.


Be sure to emphasize the interest exactly to this company and position, as well as explain why it interests you.

Live style

Do not use bureaucratic word and complex constructions. Select an easy style and live expressions. Write by yourself.

List of recommendations

If you apply to a large company, most likely, HR will ask you to provide contacts of people who can give you recommendations. If you include these data in a cover letter before his request, it will make your letter more serious and increase your chances to get an interview.

Individual approach

The cover letter more than a resume requires an original approach and adaptation for each separate position which you are applying for. It will require a little training.

Only essential information

Do not include in the cover letter the extra information that does not directly relate to a job. The text should contain only concise description of your strongest qualities, not personal information or domestic habits.

The uniqueness for a company

Always keep in mind that the company firstly wants to know what it would get by taking you on this job, and not your desires as for that.

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